Putting a Wrap on Preschool/Kindergarten

June 20th, 2014
Today Nathaniel had his final exams in math and Chinese. Last night was the first time he didn’t have homework, um, maybe all semester long! We didn’t make him do anything either. We went outside and played after dinner,¬†something¬†we haven’t done in ages.
It turns out that there was a parents meeting after the exam, but Santiago missed it because he doesn’t check in with the online group that the class has. Anyway, Nahtanile got a 96 in math and 95 in Chinese. For Chinese, he simply didn’t answer four of the questions though he couldn’t give us a reason as to why he didn’t. But I was stunned; I was sure he’d have a score that was closer to the age of one of his grandparents!
For the summer he’s doing an online summer math program from Amazon. He’s done a few lessons already; they’re nice and short. Even with me reading all the questions and answers to him it takes less than ten minutes. At least what we’ve done so far have been like that. I have to change out the names because he gets hung up on understanding just who is “Miguel” or “Kareem.” I just use his name of those of his cousins. Not sure what we’re doing for Chinese besides playing with the pin yin game I made for him. Maybe I’ll dig out my character cards and he can learn to read more of those. And then there’s English. His speaking is quite good now, so I want to finish Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (we left off a little more halfway through) and the BOB Books that I’ve got.

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