Counting with Catherine

June 18th, 2014
She’s a very verbal child; at just over two years old, she’s far ahead of where Nathaniel was at that age. She knows to talk to mom and American Grandma in English, Chinese Grandma and Grandpa in Chinese and that she can speak whatever she wants to Daddy and Nathaniel! But she doesn’t respond well to outsiders’ requests for her to “say something in English.” Honestly, I still get the deer-in-the-headlights look when I’m mid-conversation with a Chinese person and they ask me that same thing. It’s as if I loose all memory of the language! I try to explain, though I probably just confuse them, that she’s doesn’t yet realize she’s speaking two languages, it’s just normal to speak one way to Mom and another to the black-haired family members.
Back to the title…her counting! In English, she counts “one, two, seven” and in Chinese she just says “liang ge” (two). Whenever you ask how many she wants–grapes, crackers, pieces of meat–it’s “liang ge.”
She’s also almost got the alphabet song down. And she loves “Jesus Loves Me” and “Five Little Monkeys”–both are required singing before bed.

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