The Perfect Dinosaur

October 30th, 2013

DSC_0013 DSC_0016 DSC_0018Yesterday Nathaniel’s set of five dinosaurs arrived. It was just something Daddy bought randomly. Well, not randomly in that he’s not interested in them (he is), but that it’s not a holiday or anything. Actually we can count on one hand how many toys we’ve bought him in his five years of life. He gets most of his toys as hand-me-downs from his older cousin who had an extremely large collection of them–we recieved two large tubs of toys when Nathaniel was born. Of course by the time I removed the unacceptable toys (a suffed Bart Simpson and characters from the Happy Goat, Evil Wolf cartoon) and broken ones, we were still left with a box.

Anyway, today Nathaniel was explianing which dino was stronger and which was larger and told me that if only “this big one was as strong as this smaller meat-eating one, it would be the perfect dinosaur!” I was shocked at his use of the word perfect. I have no doubt that he knows the word in Chinese (I don’t) since kids are pushed to be perfect, but I don’t recall saying it or explaining the word to him.

After dinner I mentioned this to Santiago and he said that they’d talked about this earier and he’d taught him the word perfect. Mystery solved!

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