Ten Months

March 11th, 2013


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Last week our little girl turned 10 months old!  Since she’s VERY mobile now, it was impossible to keep the numbers and letters in place. Oh, and we couldn’t find all of the letters to spell “months” so we just abbreviated it to “mos.”

She’s wearing the dress that I made her for the Chinese New Year…not red, but at least she got something new, since most of her wardrobe consists of hand-me-downs from friends.  Not a bad thing by any means–well, to Santiago and I–but her Chinese grandparents insisted we get new clothes for the kids or the holiday. So I did the frugal thing, and made her a dress for about $3.  (Well, the pattern cost me $10 for the download, but it goes up to size 5, so I should be able to use it dozens more times.)

She can stand by herself for a few seconds and is an expert at walking along the edges of the couch, television stand and beds. She’s been drooling for the past month, so we’re eagerly expecting new teeth to appear, but so far she’s still got the six she had at 8 months.  Last month she started saying “mama” but soon realized it’s much easier to say “baba” so that’s her word of choice!

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