Seven Months

December 9th, 2012

These were taken just minutes before Catherine was taken to get her first haircut…and shaved bald!  Santiago and I had to go signt the contracts for our house, so Grandma took her to get this haircut which, in her opinion, was six months overdue. 

Typically babies get their first haircut when they’re one month old and then periodically thereafter–to make the hair grow faster.  Nathaniel had his first haircut at 8 months because I kind of freaked out on everyone when they sprung this previously-unknown-to-me news at lunch one day. “Oh, he needs to go for his haircut tomorrow,” said one of the grandparents.  

My reaction scared them enough, that when I did calm down and realize that it’s just hair, and gave them permission to do this, they wouldn’t.   I wasn’t too thrilled about Catherine’s haircut since her hair has been growing in nicely for the last few months, but better now than when it’s longer.  Now to just make sure they don’t shave it off again in the summer like most other girls under the age of five.

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